Here in Idaho, like many other states, the wolves are being hunted and slaughtered by changing laws and statues.  The wolf was here long before we were and they should be kept on the Endangered Species Lists to make sure that they are not destroyed.  If they are the balance of nature will tip as it did before when they were killed years ago. 

We should find a way to make sure there is enough of their food source to keep them from coming into mans domain.  They try to stay away from mankind for self preservation.  Some humans destroy anything that they think is in their way.  Wolves only kill so the pack will survive and not starve.  If the deer and elk populations were left in larger numbers wolves would hunt them and not venture into populated areas.

Yes, there are rouge wolves that kill just to kill, however they are a very minute percentage.  Humans have rouges among their populations but each state determines what will happen to them.  Some are destroyed and others are imprisoned.  That is how we separate our rouge population from the human pack.  Man use to kill deer and elk to feed their families just as the wolves did.  Now man has to kill to have a trophy to hang on their wall.

Anyone that has had a wolf/wolf hybrid knows that there is a spiritual connection that grows between them and their wolf.  I only hope and pray that man does not slaughter this beautiful animal until they are gone from our world the way we have with so many other living species just because they are in our way.

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